Des Moines Airport Wrongful Termination Suit Results in $275,000 Settlement

Des Moines airport is expected to pay $275,000 to their former marketing coordinator because of a wrongful termination settlement after the former coordinator was blamed for a security breach. The security breach forced a plane to evacuate 128 passengers and re-do mandated screening procedures.

Airport officials said the former employee inappropriately escorted a passenger through a secured area, resulting in suspension with pay and ultimately termination. The former marketing coordinator was escorting a friend who was left without a boarding pass after the counter was closed before he could be assisted. The plaintiff guided his friend through areas typically only allowed for those who have been screened by TSA, and eventually led him to a gate where he was given a boarding pass.

A district judge ruled in favor of the former employee, noting that TSA was more concerned with the airport’s failure to distinguish between escorting passengers and non-passengers to secured areas. The airport authority board is expected to approve the former marketing coordinator’s settlement that will pay him back $100,000 in wages and $175,000 as part of an agreement that he will not return to his previous position.

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