Disabled Cart Attendant Discriminated Against By Target, Says EEOC

According to the Biz Journals, Target has agreed to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit involving a California cart attendant with cerebral palsy. Target will settle the lawsuit for $160,000 after the EEOC charged the company with refusing to provide reasonable accommodations to the employee.

The EEOC issued a statement saying that Target also agreed to designate an Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator in its corporate human resources department and implement a company-wide policy regarding reasonable accommodations requests.

Jeremy Schott claimed Target failed to provide reasonable accommodations despite knowing when they hired him in 2002 that he had cerebral palsy and limited intellectual functioning. Schott’s disability requires that he be reminded to do certain tasks and that a job coach assist at times with his duties and job-related meetings. The EEOC found that Target did not comply with the requests of Schott’s job coaches and parents that they be informed of any in-person meetings and performance reviews in advance so that they could assist him during those events.

Los Angeles employers must consider reasonable accommodations requests, an idea that a job duty can be modified to provide extra help to ensure that a person can still be able to do the job.

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