Disabled Woman Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Wal-Mart

Jamie Wells, a former Wal-Mart sales associate in Akron, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the retail giant, according to the Huffington Post. Wells, who is physically disabled, claims she was subjected to “gross sexual imposition” and “unauthorized, non-consensual and harmful sexual and physical contact” from Francis Cameron, a 72-year-old coworker.

Wal-Mart became aware of the allegations in 2005, the same year the incidents began. They enrolled Wells in a “Decision-Making Day Coaching” program, a reprimand that included a probationary period, but allowed Cameron to continue working at the store.

Wells again reported the harassment to Wal-Mart managers in 2010 and Cameron was fired. In January of 2011, Cameron claimed he was wrongfully terminated, and Wells was terminated as well.

The lawsuit against Wal-Mart, filed by Wells’ mother, contains 12 individual complaints, including assault, battery, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. It is mind boggling how Wal-Mart, no stranger to these types of lawsuits, chose to handle this situation, from the initial complaint in 2005 to terminating both employees years later.

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