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Why Are These Firefighters Suing the City of Los Angeles for Discrimination?

Posted on February 20, 2017 Author:

Six firefighters employed by the Los Angeles Fire Department have filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit against the city. According to the plaintiffs, they were subjected to harassment because of their African American or Latino ethnicities.

The firefighters allege ethnic minorities and women were called names and disrespected by other members of their stations. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim they were called “slugs”, and told they were too lazy and afraid to fight fires. In addition, the firefighters claim they were retaliated against for reporting misconduct and other violations.

Time will tell if the allegations against the Los Angeles Fire Department are factual. However, racial and sex discrimination are commonplace across the country. Workers should be aware of the warning signs of such mistreatment, as they may have legal options to hold their employers accountable.

Are You Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace?

Workplace discrimination can take several forms. There are three type workers may experience. All types of workplace discrimination involve differential treatment based on certain traits.

  1. Disparate treatment discrimination: Employers guilty of disparate treatment discrimination may single out workers of protect classes. For example, employers may allow employees to target workers with offensive slurs and jokes.
  2. Disparate impact discrimination: Employers guilty of disparate impact discrimination may create workplace policies that have a disproportionate effect on members of a protected class. For example, an employer may have strength requirements that disproportionally affect women. In other cases, workers of a protect class are denied promotions or fired.
  3. Retaliation: Employers may discriminate against whistleblowers who are reporting harassment or safety violations. It is illegal for employers to discriminate against whistleblowers.

Why Should You File a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit?

Employers should take measures to protect the rights of all workers. Discrimination creates a hostile work environment. Workers harmed by discrimination should contact a Los Angeles employment law attorney to discuss legal options. Depending on the circumstances, workers may be able to collect damages from a workplace discrimination lawsuit.