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Why Are Some Google Employees Against Diversity in the Workplace?

Posted on August 16, 2017 Author:

The Huffington Post recently featured a report on a Google employee who sent out a memo railing against diversity in the workplace.

Why Did the Google Employee Write an Anti-Diversity Memo?

Per the unnamed Google engineer’s 3,000-word memo, because of what he perceives to be Google’s leftwing political bias, a politically correct culture has developed within the company. The engineer says in his memo that due to the politically correct culture, there can be no honest discussions about diversity in the workplace. Most notably, the engineer claimed that the biological differences between males and females impacted their abilities to the point that it played a role in why we do not see an equal number of women in the tech field and in corporate leadership positions.

Google was quick to denounce the engineer’s memo, claiming the statements in the memo perpetuate harmful stereotypes. The Huffington Post article did not identify the Google engineer, and as of this writing, there had been no announcement about whether the engineer would face consequences, such as a suspension or termination for writing the anti-diversity memo.

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