Do Female Directors Face Gender Discrimination?

According to the Associated Press, the American Civil Liberties Union has sent letters to government officials to call attention to the disparities among the employment of female directors in film and television. Photo of female worker

The news source reported that the ALCU of Southern California, as well as the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, cites statistical evidence that shows that there are “dramatic disparities” in the hiring of women as directors, as opposed to men. The organization said that research showed that women directed only 7 percent of the top 250-grossing movies in 2014. This is only 2 percent higher than in 1998.

Additionally, according to the ALCU, studies show that women have comprised fewer than 5 percent of the directing credits for the top films over the last two decades, even though about half of the country’s film-school students are female.

Following the announcement about the letters sent to labor officials, the Directors Guild of America released a statement saying that networks and studios are to blame for the gender disparity among directors. The union said that it is “a long-standing advocate pressuring the industry to do the right thing, which is to change their hiring practices and hire more women and minority directors,” according to the AP.

Should Gender Discrimination Victims Speak to an Attorney?

It is unfortunate that statistics show that women are not being hired for projects in Hollywood. Keep in mind, California has anti-sex discrimination laws. If an employee can prove that he or she was not hired for a position based on gender, he or she may have the basis for a discrimination claim. An applicant’s gender cannot be used against him or her during the hiring process—an analysis by an attorney of a company’s hiring pattern may be able to prove that an employer is participating in a form of systematic gender discrimination.

If you believe that you are the victim of gender discrimination, you should speak to our employment attorneys,. It is very possible that you may be able to file a lawsuit, and if multiple people have been affected, you may be able to proceed with class action litigation.

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