Black & Decker Wage Lawsuit Settled

As an employee in California, you have a right to expect accurate pay stubs and proper payments for things like overtime. earnings statement

Occasionally, companies will purposely withhold wages in an attempt to save money. According to, Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and several of its subsidiaries, have agreed to pay nearly $5 million after workers accused the tool maker of depriving them of proper wages and failing to give them accurate pay stubs in a class action lawsuit.

According to the website, Black & Decker and 14 of its companies will pay $4.97 million to settle claims that it failed to compensate field technicians for time spent driving to worksites. In addition, the lawsuit claimed that the company failed to give technicians minimum wage and overtime payments, and give them appropriate meal and rest breaks.

The lawsuit also alleged that the company failed to provide the employees with accurate wage statements, listing the wrong name of the company. The class action case represented two subclasses, technicians who worked for the company from June 27, 2009 to the present, and all Black & Decker employees who worked in California from June 27, 2012 to the present.

The technicians will reportedly receive $2.4 million in unpaid wages, while the pay stub class will receive about $1,025,000.

Can an Attorney Investigate My Wage Claim?

The wage and overtime claim attorneys at our firm understand the difficulties that can come with asking your employer for proper wage payments. However, you should not feel embarrassed or scared about this issue, as you have a right to be paid for all of the work you perform.

If you have been denied pay or your pay stubs are incorrect, please contact our office for a free consultation. You could be entitled to damages for past due wages.

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Did You Know? If you are a non-exempt employee who works more than 40 hours per week, you could be entitled to overtime payments.