Do You Work for Disney or DreamWorks Animation? Collusion Lawsuit Filed Over Hiring Practices

Class action lawsuits have become an increasingly popular way to settle wage disputes, as there are laws in place in California to protect workers from issues like collusion, ensuring that employees are given fair compensation. Employment class action lawsuits

Previously, we have blogged about a substantial case in the tech sector against Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe, who were accused of colluding with each other as a way to keep employee wages low. Some of the allegations in the lawsuit included claims that the companies sent emails to each other over hiring practices and made secret deals not to hire employees from each other.

The companies eventually agreed to a $324.5 million settlement. However, a judge recently rejected this amount saying the figure was too low, and there was “substantial and compelling evidence” that the case against the companies was strong.

Interestingly, a lawsuit was recently filed against Walt Disney Co., DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and other film industry companies, according to Bloomberg, over similar collusion claims. The case accuses the companies of denying technical and artistic workers, including animators, millions of dollars in compensation by working with each other not to hire workers.

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It is sad that the companies involved in these lawsuits are allegedly working together to keep employee wages low. Some of these companies generate billions of dollars in revenue each year—it is unfair that they would deny employees the opportunity to earn more.

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