Do You Work on a California Farm? State Passes Bill Aimed at Reducing Sexual Harassment of Workers

If you are a farm worker in California, things may become a little easier for you on the job as the state has passed a bill aimed at reducing sexual harassment.

In an update to a blog post we brought you previously, the bill will impose sanctions on labor contractors connected to employees who are sexually harassed on farms.

SB1087 allows for labor contractors that hire workers for jobs to have their contractor licenses revoked or suspended should they hire crew supervisors who are known to sexually harass workers. Additionally, the bill also requires training on how to prevent sexual harassment not only for supervisors, but also for all farm employees.

“A lot of the harassers are serial harassers,” said Michael Marsh with California Rural Legal Assistance, according to National Public Radio. “They go from one place of employment to the next place of employment and no one ever checks on their credentials or checks on their background.”

Can I Sue My Employer If It Promotes Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

In addition to SB1087, federal laws protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. When an employee reports that he or she is being sexually harassed, an employer has a duty to properly investigate a complaint and take appropriate actions. If it does not, it could be argued that it promotes a hostile work environment.

If you report instances of sexual harassment at work, your employer cannot retaliate against you by firing you, demoting you or withholding your pay. If you are being sexually harassed at work, contact our labor law attorneys today to discuss your case.

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