Doctor Loses Wrongful Termination Lawsuit, Says He Wanted Patient Care

According to Beckers Hospital Review, Valley View Regional Hospital has won a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former heart surgeon Troy Norred, MD. Court documents show that Dr. Norred filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Valley View Regional in 2009, alleging the hospital’s administration tried to sully his reputation as a physician. The doctor also claimed the hospital wrongfully terminated his employment for treating a patient at Integris Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma rather than Valley View Regional, which caused loss of revenue for the hospital.

Dr. Norred sought more than $10,000 in damages but told the media his choice to seek the help of an employment attorney was not about the money but about patient care. The doctor has since issued a statement saying he is disappointed by the jury’s verdict and plans to continue to believe he was wrongfully terminated by the hospital.

Valley View issued its own statement saying they were obviously pleased with the jury’s verdict and that the jury took careful consideration of the evidence presented over six full days before Judge Thomas Landrith. Norred is still a practicing physician and heart surgeon, performing heart surgery at Midwest City Hospital and running a private practice in the surrounding community.


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