Does Your Employer Owe You Overtime Pay? Universal Alloy Corp. Agrees to $4.75 Million Settlement

According to, Universal Alloy Corp. agreed last month to pay up to $4.75 million to resolve a class action lawsuit brought by California workers who accused the company of unfair and illegal wage and overtime theft.

The website reported that the settlement talks have taken place for about a year, and that the company agreed to resolve claims that it withheld payments to workers at its California, Georgia and Kansas manufacturing facilities, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

According to the agreement, the settlement also addressed allegations that the company violated California Labor Code by not keeping accurate records and wage statements, as well as wrongfully calculating overtime claims and meal break policies.

“This settlement provides a substantial recovery, including 100 percent of the alleged underpaid overtime and minimum wages based on defendant’s allegedly improper [conduct],” the plaintiffs said in the settlement motion, according to

The initial complaint filed against the company in 2013 was made by Fabio Gonzalez, who worked in Anaheim, alleging that it “only [paid] factory employees for their scheduled shift hours, rather than the number of hours actually worked.”

According to, 390 plaintiffs are included in the California settlement, and 380 are included in the FLSA class, for a total of 770 class members. The average plaintiff in California will receive approximately $7,400, according to the settlement motion.

A spokesperson for UAC told that it did not admit liability or wrongdoing as a part of the settlement.

Can I Sue My Employer For Not Paying Me For Lunch Breaks or Withholding Overtime?

In California, it is illegal for employers to dock your wages below federal and state minimum wage guidelines by working you off the clock. If you feel like you may be getting shafted out of wages, you should contact our employment attorney immediately. These laws exist to ensure that employees are given fair compensation for the work they perform.

Contact our Los Angeles employment attorneys who can help you decide whether to move forward with your case. Remember, an employer cannot retaliate against you because you may have a wage claim. We will seek the compensation you are owed, if you have not been paid for the work you have performed.

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