EEOC Reports Record Amount of Discrimination Complaints

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said it received the most complaints about unfair workplace practices since the agency was launched through the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Los Angeles Times reported on November 18, 2011. According to the EEOC’s annual performance report for the fiscal year ending September 30, there were 99,947 allegations filed concerning employment discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, disability or even family medical history.

The EEOC also reported that it resolved 112,499 cases through a mix of investigations, conciliations, mediations and litigation. The number was about a 7 percent increase from the prior year, and the nearly $365 million the agency won for employees was also a record amount, according to the Times.

One consent decree stemming from an EEOC lawsuit gave almost 800 Verizon employees $20 million in compensation, which the report said was the largest disability discrimination settlement in a single lawsuit in EEOC history. The agency alleged that Verizon “disciplined or fired employees with disabilities because of inflexible attendance policies,” according to the Times.

In the nearly 50 years that the EEOC has been in existence, why do you think there is a record amount of discrimination complaints now? Are more people aware of how to prove discrimination, or do you think employers are not doing enough to prevent discrimination?

Discrimination can occur in many forms, and tomorrow we will begin going over the multiple types that can occur in the workplace.

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