EEOC Sues Del Taco for Sexual Harassment

According to Phoenix Business Journal, Del Taco restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona faced a lawsuit by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to the lawsuit, it is alleged that the company fired a female worker after she had complained about sexual harassment.

Adriana Lopez complained to her supervisors that a male assistant manager fondled himself in front of her and then groped her. Lopez claims she was suspended and then later fired in retaliation.

Gala AZ Holdings, Inc. runs the Del Taco restaurant sued by the feds.

The EEOC attempted to reach a settlement with Gala AZ, Inc. in regards to these allegations made by Lopez. The two parties failed to reach a settlement before the EEOC’s lawsuit filing deadline.

The lawsuit seeks back pay and punitive damages for Lopez, as well as a court order preventing other employees from having to endure sexual harassment at work. The restaurant denies allegations and plans to fight the lawsuit.

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