Electrician Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against City Mayor

A former electrical inspector in Chicopee, Massachusetts, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the city and its mayor, according to MassLive.com. Michael Leary was appointed by the mayor as the wire inspector in 2007. Leary said he was suspended from work without pay after reporting some electrical work being done without a permit, which is illegal.

Mayor Michael Bissonette argues that the city’s building commissioner had ruled that no permit was required for the work that Leary suspended.

“We will defend it [the lawsuit] aggressively,” said Bissonnette. “Once the truth comes out, I think a judge or jury will see there is no case.”

If this was a simple miscommunication, why was there a need to suspend Leary without pay? The mayor subsequently issued a ban for Leary on all city properties. That means he cannot vote, obtain permits (necessary for electricians) or even check out a library book. That seems a little extreme. If the workers were conducting illegal or unsafe practices without a permit, Leary is safe from retaliation for stopping the work under whistleblower protection laws.

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