Elgin Baylor Lawsuit against Clippers

The Clippers and their owner Donald T. Sterling as well as the NBA are the subject of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Elgin Baylor. Filed in February of 2009 the documents filed in this civil suit are a window into the past 22 years that Baylor has played on the team.

Baylor has filed suit alleging both race and age discrimination in his wrongful termination claim. A trial date is set for March; however in November attorneys for Donald Sterling requested a summary judgment to dismiss the case
A ruling is expected in January. With 22 years worth of documentation to back him up there is a chance that Baylor may have a case, but what are the chances that rather than admitting fault or going through trial to prove they are innocent that the Clippers, their owner and the NBA will come up with some sort of financial settlement?

So many wrongful termination and discrimination cases end in a settlement because the companies don’t want the facts revealed and the plaintiffs simply want to be recognized and justified. With such big names being listed in this case fans and people all over the country are waiting to see what happens.

Many feel that Baylor has long since exceeded his peak and that the termination was justified, but if Baylor can prove that he was discriminated against based upon his race and age then a judge could rule in his favor.