Employee Claims Wrongful Termination After Dumping Her Boss

A former employee at Dream Catcher Creative LLC has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company, claiming that the owner fired her after she ended an extramarital affair with him. Tammy Harper began working for Dream Catcher, located in West Virginia, as a marketing director in 2008. Her direct supervisor was the business owner, D. Scot Jackson. Harper received an annual raise of $5,000 each year and tuition reimbursement.

Jackson and Harper began to engage in a mutual extramarital affair, which Harper claims she ended in 2009. Harper told Jackson not to contact her outside of work. After she ended the affair, she claims that Jackson eliminated her position, claiming financial reasons. Harper agreed to a $75,000 severance buyout contingent upon a nondisclosure agreement, but claims she only received $52,000 of the severance.

This is an example of why terminated employees may need to consult with an experienced attorney. Harper and Jackson both became involved in a hairy situation. Harper has now not received her complete severance, and Jackson opened himself up for a lawsuit.

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Tip of the week: According to the EEOC, discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuits are correlated with unemployment—when the unemployment rate rises, so do these lawsuits.

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