Employee Fired Over Large Breasts Sues Employer

The Devereaux Foundation has had a lawsuit filed against it by former employee Amy-Erin Blakely. The complaint alleges that Blakely was fired after she made a sexual harassment complaint. According to Blakely she received humiliating comments about her breasts in the workplace beginning in 2003. When a change of management occurred in 2008 the comments progressively worsened.
Blakely claims that supervisors made reference to her large breasts all the time, claiming that they were distracting in meetings and should be hidden in the future, that men only sat next to her to get a closer view of her breasts. Blakely says this made her feel extremely devalued and ashamed of the way she looked.

She said that simply going to work was humiliating and she often used side doors and hid from the managers who made harassing remarks. Blakely was allegedly told by supervisors that she was “too sensual” to receive a promotion which is blatant glass ceiling behavior considering that Blakely had not received a promotion since 2003 when the harassment began.
Blakely has gone straight to the top when choosing her attorney and has hired the famous victims’ rights attorney Gloria Allred to represent her.

Allred says “Women are entitled to a workplace that’s free of sexual harassment; free of denigrating comments about their body, and that they have a right to protest those sexist comments without being terminated.” The lawsuit filed by Blakely asks for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for suffering harassment, discrimination and violation of the federal whistleblower statute.


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