Employers Need to Watch for Textual Harassment

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace is certainly nothing new, but some of the recent methods for it can be. As common mediums of communication are changing, employees are now subject to harassment via text messages, emails and social media sites.

According to WFMY CBS 2 News in North Carolina, a government study indicated that 23 percent of victims of harassment where targeted via text message, email or a social media site. The law does not have any specific rules regarding text messages and social media, but if an employee feels threatened, discriminated against or harassed, it is the same as verbal harassment. In fact, some attorneys prefer when the harassment is via text message, because it leaves a trail of evidence for cases that are often difficult to prove.

“It makes it a lot easier,” said Greensboro attorney Karen McKeithen Schaede. “Especially in a harassment aspect because you do have good, concrete, written evidence. Usually, these text messages can be downloaded or emailed or you can print those out.”

If you are the victim of harassment or discrimination in text messages or social media, be sure to save images of the messages and contact an attorney immediately.

Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob—California employment law attorneys