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What If Your Workplace Holds Women to A “Double Standard?”

Posted on June 21, 2017 Author:

A female employee of the mobile advertising company, Kargo, recently won $40 million in a lawsuit against the company for several claims. According to the lawsuit, she was the victim of gender discrimination, wage discrimination, breach of employment contract, and wrongful termination.

The company allegedly disciplined female employees differently, writing off male sexual jeering and abrasiveness from an executive, saying “he was just being a boy. “The company did an extensive “investigation” into her performance, where they interviewed a few employees and made a cover-up story, stating she was being fired for inconsistent performance. The court found that the company held male employees in the same position to different standards, therefore concluding that they violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What Can You Do If You Suspect Your Employer Is Making up Reasons to Fire You?

To make a legal case against your employer, you need to show that they broke discrimination laws. An employer can fire an employee for many reasons as long as they do not commit discrimination. However, inconsistencies with how people of different sexes and races are treated in the workplace can lead to law breaches. A firing or lack of promotional opportunities based on race, sex, disabilities, or speaking out against an employer is illegal. Other discriminatory acts including paying less to employees of a certain group or sex.

Proving that an employer broke discrimination laws and attempted to cover up reasons for firing can be very difficult. A Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney has the determination to take on large companies, and prove that they broke the law.