Eureka City Schools District Sued for Racial Harassment Among Faculty, Students

The Eureka City Schools District is involved in a federal lawsuit filed in Northern California that alleges racial and sexual harassment against black and Native American students by the faculty and other students. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed the lawsuit on behalf of four teenage students in the district that claim the district’s teaching materials and methods express racial and sexual discrimination against its black and Native American students, promoting other students to discriminate and causing the discriminated students to “feel ashamed of their culture.”

The lawsuit alleges that Native American students are unfairly punished by the school district, measuring that they are suspended at three to five times the percentage of the white population of students. The suit also alleges that this suspension pushes Native American students out of the district and into a school system for high-risk youth. The lawsuit details dozens of specific incidents of “racial and sexual harassment, bullying and assault,” as well as the faculty’s indifference to the abuse.

An attorney with the National Center for Youth Law described the district as having a “culture of lawlessness.” The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages and actions taken in the district to control the problems. The school district has released a statement denying the lawsuit’s claims.

Racial and sexual harassment in the workplace are illegal under the Civil Rights Act. Harassment typically must be based on an illegal factor, such as race, gender, nationality or age, to be considered illegal and eligible to file a claim.

Have You Experienced Racial Discrimination or Harassment at Work?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission notes that harassment in the workplace can include slurs, epithets, offensive jokes, mockery, offensive pictures and actions that hinder or interfere with work. You have the right to feel comfortable and respected in the workplace. Get in touch with our Los Angeles harassment attorneys today if you are being harassed on the job. We can help you fight for your rights.

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