Do Farm Workers Experience Discrimination?

Sadly, some employees will do whatever it takes to avoid paying judgments to workers. Updating a previous blog post, Thai farm workers who received an $8.7 million verdict over allegations of mistreatment may not receive any of the compensation. Photo of discrimination definition

According to the New York Times, California-based labor contractor Global Horizons was ordered earlier this year to pay the damages, but its former president said that the company is no longer in business and cannot pay.

“We will fight this ridiculous decision,” Mordechai Orian, former president of Global Horizons, said, according to the Times.

Horizons was accused of discrimination, uninhabitable housing, insufficient food, inadequate wages and deportation threats after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a federal lawsuit against it in 2011.

The contractor reportedly sought out impoverished Thai nationals to work on farms, charging them fees to live in overcrowded housing to perform work. Some of the housing allegedly contained bedbugs.

An attorney for Global Horizons claimed that the company has no assets and could not afford to continue to litigate the case, which resulted in the default judgment. However, some attorneys representing the victims said they believe the company has assets that it is attempting to hide.

Can I File a Lawsuit If I Am Subjected to Discrimination at Work?

The allegations against Global Horizons are truly horrific. One worker reportedly told the EEOC that his passport was taken away, and he was forced to sleep on the floor and was only fed bananas.

Remember, victims of racial discrimination have legal options against their employers or harassing parties, depending on the circumstances of the behavior, and the availability of proof of the actions.

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