Federal Employee Files Wrongful Termination Suit against Library of Congress

Peter Terveer, former auditor at the Library of Congress, alleges that he was subject to workplace harassment and eventual termination. TerVeer, 30, is openly gay. He claims after he “liked” a diversity acceptance page on Facebook, he was treated differently by his supervisor. After he liked the page—which his co-workers could see—he received a threatening email.

The email read; “Diversity—Let’s Celebrate It,” and had included a picture of assault rifles. TerVeer then took time off work for disability, claiming the email caused a severe anxiety disorder that made it impossible for him to return to work. TerVeer was terminated on April 6, 2012.

“It felt like the seams were coming undone on a career that I had moved halfway across the country for and that was my everything,” TerVeer said. TerVeer filed a complaint with the Library of Congress’Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints Office in late 2011. The office has until May 9 to respond.

“Library of Congress employees, like all employees in the federal government, have protection against workplace discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act,” said a spokeswoman in a released statement. “Library employees who believe they have been subjected to discrimination may avail themselves of an internal administrative process to address their equal opportunity complaints.”

This email goes beyond typical harassment. It is threatening and violent and can be considered assault. It has no place in any work environment.

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