Fired Employee Sues Arkansas City

Claiming discrimination and wrongful termination a former employee of the City of Arkansas City has filed suit for more than $75,000 in damages. The city is scheduled to make a proposal to settle with the plaintiff.

Mary Bartlett filed in June claiming that she was discriminated against by her supervisor when she worked in the city’s public services department. Her previous supervisor Gary Baugher is no longer employed with the city and could not be reached for comment.

The city says that it denies the allegations, yet no information is available about the reason Mr. Baugher is no longer employed with the city. There are many instances of wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits happening across the country. Many times the employers deny the allegations but offer financial settlements rather than go through the trial process caused by certain other employees who may or may not be with the employer any longer.

Some of the controversy involved in this case includes the details of what constitutes wrongful termination in a right to work state and defining and addressing discrimination against a female employee who is now 61 years old. The time frame between when a lawsuit is filed and when it goes to trial can be quite a long wait for justice; this is when many employers will offer a financial counter proposal to have the case disappear without ever admitting fault.

The plaintiff has the option to accept the offer or to refuse it if the real goal is justice and not just monetary gain.