Fired Madison Health Officer Files a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

According to the Daily Record, the former health officer for the borough of Madison has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in which he alleges wrongful termination of employment for speaking his mind about budget and contract figures.

The board of health filed a notice of disciplinary action against health officer John Theese and outlined 57 disciplinary counts spanning a five-year period. Some of the allegations against Theese included misuse of borough car, falsifying time records, selling flu vaccine to physicians, insubordination and negotiation of health services contracts without authorization.

The board voted to fire Theese from his $105,375 annual position after a disciplinary hearing. Theese’s wrongful termination attorney has asked a judge to conduct a fresh hearing, remove the termination and disciplinary action from the employment record and award Theese his job back. The wrongful termination lawsuit claims Theese has enjoyed an unblemished career in the borough for many years.

In the complaint filed by the wrongful termination attorney, Theese contended he is being retaliated against for complaining about costs levied to other municipalities for contractual services provided by Madison and about harassing acts allegedly committed by board of health members. Theese has named the borough, the board of health, and Ann F. Grossi, a Morris County freeholder, as the defendants of his suit.