Firefighter Files a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fire Department

According to the Lorton Patch, a firefighter has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fairfax County. The Fairfax County firefighter has filed a new case after a judge threw out her $6 million quid pro quo sexual harassment case against the County because she failed to provide enough evidence.

The attorney representing Stacey Bailey said the judge wanted instances of sexual harassment even though the plaintiff had only eight instances. Bailey filed a suit last September alleging several incidents of sexual harassment by firefighters she worked with in Fairfax County.

In a separate case, Mary Getts Bland, another former Fairfax County firefighter was awarded $250,000 by a jury last month, after suing the county for continued quid pro quo sexual harassment throughout her career in the department.

In Bailey’s lawsuit, she claims the fire department tolerated and fostered a hostile work environment for her and many other female firefighters. Bailey also alleges that she suffers from a severe and permanent lung burn after a supervisor ordered her to ignite flammable liquids for a safety video without wearing protective gear. After the judge ruled her first case did not amount to a custom of sexual harassment, Bailey filed another case against the county alleging her civil rights were violated under Title 7 of the Civil Right Act of 1964.

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