Florida Law Firm Fires Employees for Wearing Orange Shirts

One law firm in Florida recently terminated 14 employees. In today’s economic climate, this may not seem surprising to most people. But the reason they were let go? They were wearing orange shirts.

The group of employees at the Law Offices of Elizabeth R. Wellborn, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale wore orange shirts one day at work so they would match and could be identified as a group at a happy hour event after work. According to the employees, their supervisors accused them of wearing the matching shirts as “a protest against management.”

“There is no office policy against wearing orange shirts,” Lou Erik Ambert told the Sun-Sentinel in Orlando. “We had no warning. We got no severance, no package, no nothing. I feel so violated.”

Florida is an at-will employment state, meaning that the firm was free to fire the employees for whatever reason it chose. Ironically, if the employees were in fact wearing the orange as a form of protest, it would have been illegal to fire them and considered wrongful termination, according to ABC News.

It appears there may not be much recourse for these workers. However, f you have been wrongfully terminated, you should always contact an attorney to ensure your rights were not violated.

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