Floyd County Woman Offered Job Back After Filing Lawsuit

According to The Globe Gazette, Theresa Farmer of Floyd County, Iowa, has received an offer of rehire after filing a lawsuit based on alleged sexual harassment as well as discrimination and retaliation.

Ms. Farmer had been a paralegal for more than two years spanning from January 2007 into November 2009 for former County Attorney, Jesse Marzen. She filed a lawsuit in January alleging that County Attorney, Jesse Marzen, had touched her inappropriately and had made inappropriate comments; among other claims.

Theresa Farmer was fired just six months prior to Marzen losing his job as the County Attorney.

According to reports, the Iowa Supreme Court had suspended Marzen’s license to practice law for six months, after finding that Marzen allegedly had a sexual relationship with a client, a clear ethical violation. The Floyd Count Board of Supervisors declared his office vacant.

Jesse Marzen is currently appealing the district court decision, in a separate case, to remove him from his position.

If Ms. Farmer is to accept the rehire, she will receive $30,000 in yearly wages and additional benefits. However, Beth Hansen, a representative for Floyd County, states that the rehiring offer is unconditional meaning that she could still sue the county even if she decided to return to work.

Should Ms. Farmer reject the offer, the county is prepared to pay her $50,000 to settle the claim. She has until February 22nd to make her decision.

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