Former American Legion’s Sues Post 56 for Wrongful Termination

According to Seacoast Online, a former American Legion’s facility’s manager filed a lawsuit in York County Superior Court alleging wrongful termination, breach of contract and violation of employment practices. Stephen LaPointe is suing the American Legion Ramsdell-Rogers Post 56 for two year’s salary, vacation time and money for damages.

LaPointe claims the legion’s executive board fired him on June 2010 and his termination letter stated reasoning of violating his contract over allegations of theft, fraud of falsification of any employment of American Legion records in any material way. LaPointe denies all allegations of wrongdoing and claims his termination came out o nowhere.

LaPointe states he feels his termination came from a problem he raised with items categorized in the wrong accounts in the legions computerize bookkeeping system. LaPointe wrote a letter to the executive board warning that it could turn into illegal affairs but the bookkeeper never resolved the issue.

Then Commander John Mercurio and six other members of the executive board voted to fire LaPointe, who had a year left on his three-year contract. The board claimed in the meeting that LaPointe admitted to the commander and the executive board that he had managed illegal affairs concerning American Legion Post 56. Firing LaPointe with cause removed the Legion’s requirement to pay him two year’s severance pay, per his contract. Had the Legion let him go without cause, his contract would have mandated a two-year pay at an annual base salary of $35,650 with a 5 percent annual increase.