Former Apple Employee Files Wrongful Termination Suit

A formal Apple employee has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company, claiming deceased CEO Steve Jobs had offered him a “job for life,” according to sources. Apple terminated Wayne Goodrich several months after Jobs’ passing for no legitimate reason, according to the suit filed by Goodrich.

Goodrich served as an advisor to Steve Jobs since 1998 and acted as the executive producer for Apple’s Keynote presentations, which were often world-famous events that featured Jobs introducing new cutting-edge Apple products to eager insiders and media.

“This express  promise by Steve Jobs was consistent with a practice that Steve Jobs had, acting on behalf of defendant Apple, of promising job security to certain key employees who worked directly with him for many years,” reads the complaint.

Goodrich is seeking compensation for loss of stock and damages. Do you think Apple has an obligation to honor the late Jobs’ alleged promise, or is this a stretch? Please visit our website for more information about wrongful termination and contact our office for a free consultation.

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