Former Daystar Administrative Manager Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

According to the Christian Post, a sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against the evangelical Christian network, Daystar Television Network.

According to the lawsuit, former employee Jennifer Falcon, a single mother, claims that she was sexually harassed by Bill Trammell, who was the Daystar Administrative Manager of Special Projects during the time of the alleged harassment.

The lawsuit also claims that Ms. Falcon faced defamation, gender discrimination, libel and slader.

Allegedly, Mr. Trammell, the accused, began by asking the employee to visit his office during “Quiet Time.” During these visits, the former administrative manager would hug Ms. Falcon for extended periods of time and place his hands near her buttocks or her breasts. Ms. Falcon also alleges that Mr. Trammell requested that she sit on his lap on multiple occasions and that the he would also attempt to talk to her about sexual topics.

In December, Ms. Falcon was home sick and Mr. Trammell brought her soup without her consent. During the visit, Mr. Trammell also lied to his wife about his current location. The day after Joni Lamb and Mrs. Trammell confronted Bill Trammell, Jennifer Falcon was demoted.

Approximately two months following the event, Ms. Falcon states that her pay was lowered even though she had received a satisfactory performance review just two weeks prior to the pay cut. Two weeks following her pay cut, she was let go from the company.

The Daystar Network is claiming that three former employees, including Jennifer Falcon, are attempting to profit from Marcus Lamb’s extramarital affair.

Ms. Falcon’s suit is the second suit against the company and she is seeking a trial by jury as well as punitive and exemplary damages, back pay and compensatory damages.