Former Directors Guild of America Lawyer Sues For Discrimination and Retaliation

Jill Killion, a former assistant general counsel at the Directors Guild of America, has filed the lawsuit against the guild alleging that she was paid tens of thousands of dollars less than a male co-worker and was retaliated against and wrongfully terminated after she complained about the salary disparity.

Killion alleged in her complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, that she was paid substantially less than male colleague associated general counsel David Dreyfus, who had a more senior title, associate rather than assistant, but allegedly performed the same job duties as Killion.

The plaintiff’s is being represented by Douglas N. Silverstein of Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob. The lawsuit alleges that the Directors Guild of America’s general counsel David Korduner did not know the difference’s between Killion’s position and Dreyfus’, nor what steps she could take to be eventually promoted. Killion confronted Kourduner about the difference between her salary and Dreyfus’, and a month later she was terminated in retaliation. Just six month earlier, according to the complaint, Korduner had told Killion she was performing her job well. Prior to her termination, Killion applied for a transfer to an open position as a field representative, but her request was denied. Killion alleges that such action was discriminatory and retaliatory, and that a less qualified male had been hired instead of her.

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