Former District Attorney Kratz Seeks To Dismiss Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

According to the Fox 11 Online, a former Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz is seeking to dismiss a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Stephanie Van Groll sued Krats for sexual harassment claiming he had sent her racy text messages while he prosecuted her ex-boyfriend for domestic abuse.

Kratz said that the federal sexual harassment lawsuit should be thrown out because he did not violate Van Groll’s constitutional rights. Kratz argued that his initial contact with the female was to offer further assistance in regards to the case and try to make her feel better. Van Groll claims Kratz sent her 30 text messages urging her to enter into a secretive sexual relationship with him.

Kratz admitted that the messages were sent but denied any characterization of the messages. He also denied Van Groll’s claims that the purpose of the messages was to express sexual attraction and pressure her into a sexual relationship with him. Kratz also said that he gave Van Groll a chance to ward off his advances.

In his filing, Kratz said his text messages were clumsy and pathetic ways to ask the plaintiff for a date, but they do not rise to a level that constitutes quid pro quo sexual harassment. Kratz resigned from his position in the wake of the incident, while the state Office of Lawyer Regulation continues to investigate.

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