Former Donald Sterling Employee Claims Harassment

Employment Attorneys Discuss Harassment and Racial Discrimination in Los Angeles

A woman who worked for Donald Sterling filed suit against him last month, alleging that the L.A. Clippers co-owner made racist remarks and sexually harassed her, firing her after she protested his idiotic behavior. The woman had a romantic relationship with Sterling for several years, and she periodically “worked for him and his foundation” before her disgust at his offensive statements drove them apart permanently.

The woman resumed a professional relationship with Sterling after their romance cooled, signing on as his personal assistant at a salary of $10,000 per month. However, she alleged that Sterling withheld pay unless she had sex with him, and he fired her after she protested his sexual advances and racist remarks. She says that she has a number of voice mails and texts to back up her claims.

Sterling’s problems began months earlier, when a recording in which he made racist comments was made public. In it, Sterling derides his current girlfriend with racist statements over photos of herself with NBA superstar Magic Johnson. Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling from the NBA, fined him $2.5 million and forced the real estate tycoon to give up ownership of the Clippers.

If the woman’s allegations are true, this is a case of sexual harassment and racial discrimination that should not be tolerated in modern society. No matter how great a person’s bank account, there is no excuse for this kind of disgusting and arrogant behavior.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Harassment is any behavior based on a person’s race or sexual identity that creates a threatening, antagonistic, or offensive environment, or interferes with the person’s day to day existence.

Sexual harassment has two forms: hostile work environment, where a person is repeatedly exposed to aggressive or demeaning jokes or pornography in the workplace. The other type of sexual harassment is known as quid pro quo harassment, which is when a person makes a job promotion, compensation or threat of termination contingent on sexual acts.

What Can I Do If I Experience Harassment at Work?

If you experience harassment, tell the harasser in plain terms to stop the actions that make you uncomfortable. Follow up with written correspondence to the person. If that does not stop the behavior, inform a supervisor or the HR department. The law often requires you to attempt a resolution within the company before legal action can be pursued against the accused individual. If you feel that there is an actual physical threat, however, contact the authorities immediately.

Do not be afraid to stand up for your right to a safe work environment. If your employer disciplines or terminates you due to your harassment claims, a Los Angeles employment attorney may be able to file a retaliatory lawsuit on your behalf.

We Defend Employees Who Have Been Harassed

The law protects us from sexual and racial harassment. If you are being harassed by a co-worker, you should file a complaint and take corrective actions. If the accused is your employer, it is even more important that you take a stand. Employers that unjustly fire, demote, or withhold pay from an employee must be held accountable for their reprehensible actions.

Contact our Los Angeles employment attorneys today to learn about your legal rights. A dedicated employment lawyer can help you achieve the justice you deserve. Our experienced Los Angeles employment lawyers can discuss if you are entitled to take action against the individual or company that violated your rights.