Former Employee Accuses Fox Sports of Racial Discrimination

Former Fox Sports Corporate Group employee Jerry Davis, 52, filed wrongful termination lawsuit against the media giant, accusing the company of systematic racial discrimination. Davis, a 15-year veteran at the company, was interested in the vacancy for Fox Sport’s Vice President of Music position. Davis, who is a black former athlete and graduate of University of California-Berkley, felt he was an ideal candidate.

Davis was passed over for the position—four times, in fact. Each time the job was instead offered to a white male, despite the positive performance reviews Davis received. Davis said after he voiced his opinion, he slowly saw a reduction in his job duties and eventually his position was eliminated while he was on disability leave in 2013.

Davis claims no black employee “has ever held any position at or above vice president in the division’s entire 19-year existence.”

“Despite his repeated and express interest in the position, his superior education, skills and performance as well as strong support from senior-level colleagues at various Fox music departments and other Fox Sports departments, Mr. Davis was denied the promotion each and every time,” read the complaint. Davis notes that none of the 34 current executives at Fox is black.

It is illegal to deny promotions, bonuses or discriminate in pay on the basis of race. Please contact our firm for a free consultation if your rights have been violated.

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