Former Employee Files Discrimination Suit Against NBA

A former Senior Account Manager for the National Basketball Association (NBA) has filed a discrimination lawsuit, according to the Sacramento Bee. Longtime employee Brynn Cohn claims she was underpaid and denied promotions because of her gender, pregnancy and need to take care of her infant.

The complaint claims that when Cohn took pregnancy leave, the NBA changed her department’s hours, assigning her later hours when there was less business need. Cohn had difficulty finding affordable child care during the evening shifts, effectively forcing her out of the company. The lawsuit also alleges the NBA’s Creative Services Department “routinely expressed covert and overt hostility toward female employees who had young children.” One of Cohn’s supervisor compared her child to a dog, saying he was able to make arrangements to have his dog taken care of when he worked past 5 p.m.

“This lawsuit lays bare the open hostility to which women with young children are consistently subjected as NBA employees,” said David Stanford, the attorney representing Cohn. “In Ms. Cohn’s case, this hostility took the form of discrimination in compensation and promotion opportunities, as well as the adoption of policies at the NBA designed to push out working mothers.”

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