Former Employee Sues Loved One’s In-Home Care for Wrongful Termination

According to the West Virginia Record, Brenda Penley and her husband are suing Loved Ones In-Home Care for wrongful termination from employment. Michael Alley and Donna Skeen were also named as defendants in the lawsuit against Loved Ones In-Home Care filed in Cabell Circuit Court.

Penley claims she suffered an on-the-job injury on February 6, 2009. She twisted her knee and was placed on light work duty by her physician until March 2, 2009.

Penley claims in her filing that a week later she was asked by Skeen to come talk to her, right after she had turned in her time sheet. Skeen was not immediately available and Penley had to wait three hours to finally get a chance to sit down with her.

Skeen held a conference with Alley, Penley and another co-worker, where she informed them that she could not take the risk to have her work because of workers compensation. Skeen fired Penley on the spot, informed her that she was no longer permitted to return to work and her employment was terminated.

According to her lawsuit, Penley claims she was wrongfully retaliated against for filing a workers compensation claim. Penley, with her husband Bruce, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit and are seeking compensatory damages.

Loved Ones In-Home Care is a private company established in 1997 and incorporated in West Virginia. The company employs approximately 10-19 employees and is categorized as a visiting home nurse service.