Former Employee Sues Nitro Electric

Larry A. Ranson was employed by Nitro Electric from May 17th until May 27th. He has now filed a suit against Nitro Electric for wrongful termination. During the 10 days he was employed there Ranson’s claim states that he properly performed the job duties as required by the defendant. One would assume that the first 10 days of employment on any job are basically learn your way around and become trained for your job days.

How badly could Mr. Ranson have messed up within the first two weeks of his employment that he would be terminated? Was he late for work? Did he call in to work and miss scheduled days? Heck, did he blow the place up? No, so what just cause could Nitro Electric have to terminate a disabled employee?

Mr. Ranson claims he was terminated after 10 days due to his disability. If that is the case Nitro Electric Company is in violation of the West Virginia Act. The complaint says that Ranson is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Wrongful termination due to disability is not only a basic wrongful termination case but also a violation of federal and state requirements concerning equal opportunity employment. A case like this could be the undoing of Nitro Electric if it comes out that wrongful termination and discrimination against employees with disabilities is normal practice within the organization.

Federal and state employment regulations and the authorities that enforce those regulations don’t take wrongful termination of disabled employees lightly.