Former Employees File Lawsuit Against Gay Bar in West Hollywood

A group of nine former employees have filed a lawsuit against Micky’s, a gay bar in West Hollywood, according to WEHO Ville, a West Hollywood publication. The bar is well known for its male go-go dancers. The former employees have accused the club of lewd conduct, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, discrimination against heterosexual employees and various other labor code violations.

Allegations about sexual harassment include verbal and physical harassment from management. Workers were subjected to homosexual pornography that was displayed on screens around the club during work hours—one plaintiff claims he saw his roommate featured in some of the pornography.

“No one should be required to work in an environment with all this going on all around them,” said attorney Matthew Krupnick, the attorney who filed the lawsuit against Micky’s. “As a gay man who fights for the rights of LGBT people, to see gays in a position of such authority and ability abusing that authority and ability in the way the club is doing is offensive to me. I’m motivated to ensure this never happens again in our town.”

Micky’s is also under investigation from state agencies for alcohol violations and other allegations of lewd conduct. It seems that there is some systematic problems with management at Micky’s that needs to be corrected.

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