Former Employees File Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Sacramento County

Two former inspection aides in the Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures are suing Sacramento County, claiming their original complaints of sexual harassment against their supervisor were never properly investigated. Misty Calhoun and Silvia Gomez both claim that their former supervisor, Adrian Ramos, sexually harassed them over their several years of working together and that, despite filing complaints, there was never an investigation into the claims.

Both former employees claims that Ramos would make several blatant sexual advances on a daily basis, such as asking to sleep with them and making inappropriate comments about their appearance. Neither woman made a complaint for several years out of fear for losing their jobs. Ramos is still employed by the county and has given no comment on the case, but the county attorneys responded to the suit and denied the harassment allegations, calling them “consensual.”

California’s sexual harassment claims have seen a rise in recent years, surging from about 3,800 complaints in 2011 to 6,169 in 2012. Nationally, however, sexual harassment claims have been steadily declining. California has attempted to correct this rise with tough harassment laws, including Assembly Bill 1825, which requires two hours of training to guard against sexual harassment every two years for managers and supervisors of organizations.

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Did You Know: According to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, California’s rise in sexual harassment claims may be because complaints can now be filed online.

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