Former Employees Says Beverly Hills Hotel Manager Sexually Harassed Them

According to NBC Los Angeles, five former employees have filed a lawsuit claiming the Beverly Hills Hotel, its former general manager and another employee engaged in quid pro quo sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Alberto del Hoyo, retired as the hotel’s general manager last week for reasons apparently unrelated to the allegations made against him.

According to the complaint, Del Hoyo engaged in racist, sexist and illegal conduct that was ignored by other manager. The hotel started receiving complaints about the manager in the summer of 2006 after he allegedly grabbed a female employee by the buttocks and pinned her against an office machine. The plaintiffs claim the hotel did not reprimand the manager for his behavior and even protected him by settling the accuser’s complaint, and that the hotel turned its back on Del Hoyo’s sexual harassment of women that continued after the first incident.

The lawsuit claims the manager often directed his inappropriate behavior at hostesses of the Polo Lounge, he was greet, touch them on the hand and also touch their breasts. Wendy Giron and Kelley Morales, both former employees of the Polo Lounge, quit their jobs after Del Hoyo allegedly frequently fondled them in plain sight, at the hostess’ podium. A Los Angeles employment attorney can help answer your questions if you have been subjected to harassment at work.

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