Former FOP Secretary Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former employee of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, according to CBS News in Chicago. Marie Marrero worked as a secretary for the FOP and she claims she was harassed by FOP attorney Paul Geiger, her direct supervisor. Geiger allegedly showed her pictures of him shirtless and asked her if she liked them. Marrero’s attorney, David Lee, claims that Geiger harassed his client in many ways.

“By doing things like constantly asking her to come into his office and view pornography, asking her to send him a topless photograph of her,” Lee says. Lee also claims that a union investigation shows that Geiger harassed his client on numerous occasions.

Geiger has denied the allegations and is suing Marrero for slander. The union has said it “will vigorously defend itself” in the lawsuit. While it is too early to determine the merits of the lawsuit, it certainly sounds like Marrero has a solid case. If you are subjected to harassment such as this, contact our office today for a free consultation.

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