Former JPMorgan Chase Employee Settles Wrongful Termination Case

According to My San Antonio News, the former JPMorgan Chase Bank assistant vice president has settled her wrongful termination lawsuit after allegations that she was fired in retaliation for alerting her bosses to wrongdoing at the bank. Linda Almonte, had worked as a team leader in Chase’s credit card litigation department. In addition to her wrongful termination case, Almonte also filed a whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that thousands of credit card accounts were set to be sold by Chase even though they were filled with errors.

Almonte’s wrongful termination lawyer helped prepare the suit in which she claimed she was fired for refusing to commit illegal acts. She had accused Chase of fraud and gross neglect relating to the litigation and collection of some 23,000 delinquent credit card accounts with a value of over $200 million. Almonte was at the time responsible for auditing the accounts, and had taken the delinquent accounts off the sales market when she could not certify the accuracy of some of the judgments and balances. Almonte brought up her concerns to senior executives and then she was fired.

Exactly a year after termination, Almonte’s wrongful termination attorney filed a whistleblower complaint with the SEC. The complaint alleges that of more than 11,000 judgment accounts involving California residents, 44 percent of the accounts either did not have a judgment or were not properly signed or date stamped by the court.

Almonte is said to not be happy with the wrongful termination lawsuit settlement. She had been evicted out of her home after she lost her job and she has not been able to find employment. The terms of the settlement are confidential.