Former Lieutenant Wins Discrimination Case Against LAX Police Department

According to the Los Angeles Times, a former Los Angeles Airport police lieutenant has been awarded nearly $1 million in a gender discrimination lawsuit. A jury awarded the plaintiff, Kathleen Green, $925,209 for the gender discrimination she suffered that made her unable to be promoted to captain.

Green said in a statement that she did not want to file this lawsuit but felt she had to stand up for herself and other women at the LAX police department. Green worked for the LAX Police Department since 1980 and held a lieutenant rank for 10 years, but alleged that being a female prevented her from being promoted to a captain’s position. Green felt she was discriminated against because she was a petite woman who did not fit the mold of a captain in a law enforcement organization.

The plaintiff’s employment attorney said the client was happy that the jury recognized the mistreatment Green suffered at the hands of management at the LAX Police Department and that she was discriminated against for being a female.

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