Former Manager at Oracle Sues for Discrimination Over Lower Pay for Indian Workers

A former senior sales manager at Oracle in Redwood City has sued the company for unlawful firing after he refused to make a low salary offer to an Indian employee, according to Bloomberg. Ian Spandow claims that he looked to hire an employee from India in September 2013 after a successful seven-year record with the company, and that his superiors told him to slash the salary offer he requested by $50,000-$60,000. Spandow alleges that this salary pay is much lower that what Caucasian employees are paid, and he refused to make the offer.

Spandow alleges that when he raised objections to cutting down the salary offer, his human resources manager claimed the lower salary was ‘fair.’ Spandow was subsequently fired in December 2013. He then filed a civil rights complaint on January 7. Spandow describes the situation as a “discriminatory hiring practice.” He claims his termination was retaliation for opposing the company’s practice of “paying Indian employees wages that are substantially lower than those paid to Caucasian employees.”

Bloomberg reported that Oracle’s spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit. Spandow, a native of Ireland, is seeking unspecified damages for discrimination based on his national origin and retaliatio.

Discrimination based on national origin is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Employees are protected and entitled to the same job opportunities, no matter their ancestry. If someone is being discriminated against at work because of where they come from, their accent, ethnicity or ethnic background, they may be able to file for compensation. National origin discrimination may also apply to those being discriminated against based on his or her marriage or association with someone of a certain nationality.

Are You Being Discriminated Against at Work?

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