Former Managers Sue IHOP for Discrimination

A group of four Muslim men in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area filed a wrongful termination suit against the International House of Pancakes (IHOP, according to the Dallas Observer. The men were all fired from their management positions. The four men, Hussein Chamseddine, Rami Saleh, Brandon Adam and Chekri Bakro were all terminated within one year span from restaurants in Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington and Burleson.

In his lawsuit, Chamseddine claims that his eventual replacement, Larry Hawker, told other managers at a meeting in 2010 that “Arab men treat women poorly and with disrespect…we’re going to have to let these people go and have new faces coming in.”

The men claimed they all received favorable performance reviews. Under the Equal Employment Act, the men have the right to sue if they were discriminated against. The men were terminated from their jobs after a new franchise manager, Alex Anthraper, took over the prostitution from his father in December of 2009.

“One he took over, Alex Anthraper, who is an Indian Christian, out increased pressure and scrutiny on the managers who were of the Muslim faith,” reads the formal complaint.

These men are right to take a stand and file the lawsuit, it appears they are all victims of discrimination. They should not have a difficult time proving this in court, seeing as how all 4 of them were fired by the same franchise manager in less than a year.

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