Former Menifee City Official Files Suit Against City for Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

The former Community Development Director for the City of Menifee has filed a claim against the city, seeking damages in excess of $10,000 for gender and age discrimination as well as wrongful termination. Carmen Cave alleges that her termination from director in July 2013 was due to her age and sex, and that Interim City Manager Rob Johnson fired her due to previous complaints she had made.

Cave, 48, claims that after she was terminated, the city created a new position with her former duties and hired someone “substantially younger” to fill it. She also claims she was denied equal pay due to being a woman and that her male colleagues were offered 10-20 percent higher wages and better benefits. Prior to her termination, Cave alleges she made complaints concerning city issues while she was employed, and that these complaints led to her ultimate termination. Cave allegedly spoke up about several complaint she had with the city’s General Plan and its lack of compliance with California law on affordable housing, which Cave claims city officials did not want to provide. She believes these complaints led to her being fired by Johnson.

Discrimination in the workplace due to age or gender is unlawful and those who are victims of this discrimination may be entitled to compensation. Our labor law attorneys understand the complicated laws involved with age and gender discrimination, and we can help you file a claim or suit against your employer.

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