Former Mount Clemens Middle School Principal Settles Sexual Harassment Case

According to Mlive, in Michigan Arielle Muzzin sued a former principal at Mount Clemens Middle School and Mount Clemens Community Schools under allegations that she refused the principal’s sexual advances while he was her supervisor. According to document, the school and now East Jackson Superintendent Paul Reeves agreed to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit.

A confidentiality agreement protects the terms of settlement. No parties involved are allowed to discuss the specifics of the settlement. Muzzin alleged that she refused Reeves’ sexual advances and was subsequently laid off after she made a complaint against his actions.

Reeves left his duties at Mount Clements Middle School and was voted by the school board to replace a long-time superintended of East Jackson. The school board extended his contract through June 2012.

At a case evaluation, Muzzin’s claim valued at $300,000. Muzzin accepted the offer but the school district disagreed, stating the recommendation was too high.

East Jackson School Board President Doug Scott plans to judge Reeves by his current efforts with East Jackson, according to his statement. Board Vice President Mishele Wilkins unsuccessfully tried to place Reeves on leave, alleging issues with his job performance. According to a brief filed, Reeves secretly taped dozens of school conversations while working in various school districts.

Muzzin filed a complaint with the district alleging Reeves made frequent attempts to discuss with her extramarital affairs and pornography. The district hired an outside investigator who was unable to determine if Reeves sexually harassed Muzzin.