Former MTV Executive Files Discrimination Lawsuit

Andrea Fair, a former vice president at MTV, has sued the entertainment company for gender discrimination, according to reports. Fair filed the lawsuit in a New York federal court, alleging that MTV ignored inappropriate behavior from some employees but punished her for similar actions.

After receiving a promotion in 2008, Fair claims her new supervisor, Bruce Gilmer, a senior VP, diminished her role and excluded her from important meetings. Fair alleges that Gilmer would favor younger females over her, sending them to events such as the European Music Awards.

“In the days after Gillmer became her supervisor, it became clear to Fair that Gillmer was treating her differently because of her age and gender,” read the complaint. “On numerous occasions Gillmer accused Fair of being ‘too emotional.’”

Fair is suing for general damages for gender and age discrimination. Her lawsuit also demands that MTV put affirmative action procedures in place to prevent this type of conduct in the future.

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