Former Nuclear Power Plant Employees Alleges Wrongful Termination

According to the Brattleboro Reformer, a former employee of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant has sued the parent company Entergy for wrongful termination. Peter Prince claims he had worked for Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corp for 23 years before Entergy purchased the plant in 2002 and then terminated his employment in January 2010. The plaintiff’s wrongful termination attorney says that the company wanted to get rid of him and had done so inappropriately.

Prince says he was hired in 1986 as an auxiliary operator and within three years he was promoted to radiation protection technician. A decade later he was promoted to the role of a radiation protection supervisor and was offered the position of senior nuclear support coordinator in 2007. Prince was given the option to either accept the new position or be fired without severance pay. He claims he accepted the position without ever receiving a job description.

In 2009 Prince was evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea and was referred for an evaluation and a sleep study which was performed in April 2009. In March 2009, his supervisor and manager held a performance review for the previous year. Prince alleges the concerns brought up were never brought to his attention and that he was issued a performance improvement plan. After meeting with Entergy’s HR about his medical condition, Prince decided to take advantage of the company’s early retirement pension option when he turned 57. Shortly after making his plans known, he was issued a second performance review in which he was told his improvement was less than expected.

Prince claims Entergy wrongfully terminated him after he was unable to complete the items detailed in the second plan because of the requested deadline that coincided with his previously scheduled vacation and that the company failed to provide adequate time to comply with the second plan.