Former Nurse Files a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Hospital

According to the West Virginia Record, a former nurse has sued Camden Clark for wrongful termination. Charlene Stephens filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital after being falsely accused of unprofessional behavior.

Stephens alleges the hospital fired her in 2009 for improperly handling medications. However, the plaintiff maintains the accusation, which was proven baseless by a state regulatory agency, was a pretext to replace her with a younger nurse.

In her lawsuit, Stephens worked in Camden-Clark’s emergency room until May 2009. During her employment, she received good performance evaluations and performed her job in a satisfactory manner. The hospital wrongfully fired Stephens over an allegation that she mishandled medications without an adequate investigation. Shortly after her termination, Stephens said Camden-Clark filed a complaint against her with the state Board of Nursing. The administrator who filed the complaint said that Stephens mishandled two Lortabs, which were eventually accounted for.

Stephens alleges the hospital took the steps to fire her in order to eliminate more senior employees and that missing medication was the needed excuse. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages, including front pay, back pay and reinstatement, along with court costs and attorney fees.

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